Project Light: Shared Vision & Imaginary Visions

by Mixed artists

Shared Vision is an exhibition of commissioned works from sighted, partially-sighted and blind artists. The exhibition, part of Project Light, considers how stories of vision, or lack of it, can affect and transform people’s lives. The artists have produced works which include film, sculpture, painting, texts, audio works and photography. They investigate the ways in which we ‘see’. Through them we are provoked to consider other ways of experiencing our world. Should we assume that light is required to experience vision?

Imaginary Visions is series of eight written visual artworks which evoke conceptual, poetic and emotional experiences. These works are created by a group of blind, partially sighted, and sighted people who have been asked to ‘write’ an artwork informed by Project Light, so that we can share their vision. The artworks do not exist outside of the author’s and reader’s imaginations - they can never truly be ‘seen’.