Georges Senga (CD)
8 x digital photographs

Senga’s work focuses on Kidiwa, a father of 7, who lost his sight in 2013, and has been living in Kinshasa without a job and in extreme poverty ever since. The photos of Kidiwa before, during and after sight-restoring surgery focus on the life-altering effects of regaining one’s vision. These rare insights of hope tell the story of what is possible, if we act together to give everyone the right to sight. 
Georges Senga is a Congolese photographer who was discovered during the first edition of the Picha Biennale de Lubumbashi in 2008. He was a fellow at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Belgium in 2015, and fellow in residence at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart 2015 - 2017.